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 How to connect to the NiN Gaming RaidCall Voice Server and/or the NiN Gaming Discord Voice Server

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Which Voice Server/Client is the best to use ?
- Teamspeak
 36% [ 15 ]
- Ventrilo
 2% [ 1 ]
- Discord
 0% [ 0 ]
- RaidCall
 62% [ 26 ]
Total Votes : 42

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Topic Reply Comment # 1PostSubject: How to connect to the NiN Gaming RaidCall Voice Server and/or the NiN Gaming Discord Voice Server   Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:28 pm


Guide to Discord

Discord is a free voice chatting service for your desktop or mobile/tablet. It is designed as a hybrid of Skype and Teamspeak and is an ever improving application for gamers. This guide will help you make the most of your discord experience and teach you what Discord has to offer


- Important Links
- First Login
- Rules
- Discord Interface
- Using Text Channels
- Using Voice Channels
- Direct Messages and Friends
- Private Calls and Group Chats
- Personalize your Account
- Bots
- Ranks

First Login

Download and ALWAYS be online on our NiN Gaming Discord Voice Server (our clan voice server) every time and ONCE you are online in-game only ANY TIME AND DAY.

Please inform NiN-holly234 in advance or send us an email at contact@ningaming.info if you need to request an official discord inactivity excuse to not be active on discord for some time.

To connect to our NiN Gaming Discord Voice Server now, which only takes 2 minutes to set up and connect to, then please go to [url=discord.ningaming.info]discord.ningaming.info[/url] and accept our invitation to be invited to the NiN Gaming Discord Voice Server.

For quick access to the server, select yourself a name, then continue. You will then be guided through the process of making an account.

However, I suggest creating an account before logging into the server. 

If you have an account: click Login.

If you do not have an account: Register or by simply clicking "Login" (white text which asks you if you have an account, login) as if you have an account, then click Register.


Upon joining you should be already connected to the text chat. However all users need to read the rules so firstly click the #alerts-rules under text channels on the left. The rules are as followed:

♠️ Do not disrespect/harass members, or any staff in this discord
♠️ No threats, this includes but is not limited to death threats, DDoS threats, general threats, etc
♠️ No inappropriate links, photos, etc. This includes but is not limited to pornography, screamer links, IP grabbers, etc
♠️ Do not mic spam or spam the text chats
♠️ No trolling
♠️ Advertising of other MC servers or discord servers is not allowed

Discord Interface

When you first join upon logging in you will be directed to a screen similar to below. This is your interface to interact with discord. This section will detail what important features you can use while connected to the Discord server.

Friends and Direct Messages: View, add and direct message friends, as well as respond to friend requests here.

Server List: Shows all the different discord servers you are connected to. Clicking the below icon ensures you are connected to our Discord:

Online Status and Discord tag: Here you are able to select your online status (Online, Idle, Do not Disturb and Invisible) and see your Discord tag so users may add you as a friend who does not use the NiN Gaming Discord Voice Server.

Mute Mic, Mute Sounds and User Settings: 

Microphone Icon: Toggle this option to mute and unmute your microphone when in a voice channel.
♠ Headphones Icon: Toggle this option to mute and unmute your speakers when in a voice channel.
♠ Gear Icon: Use this to access your User settings, such as to link accounts, adjust microphone options or change avatars and more.

Notifications, Pinned Messages, User List and Search Function (Text Chats)

Bell Icon: Toggling this option allows you to choose if you are notified when a person posts a new message for the text channel you are in.
♠ Pin Icon: Clicking this allows you to see text posts that have been pinned to the text channel you are in.
♠ Person Icon: Click this to hide and un-hide the user list on the right of the screen.
♠ Search: Use this to search text chats for messages using keywords and usernames.

Recent Mentions and Help

"@" Icon: Click on this to see who has mentioned you in text chats.
♠ Question Mark Icon: Brings up the help interface. Searches the discord help database.

Text Channels
: On discord there are channels specifically for people to chat without voice. All text channels begin with a hashtag (#).

Voice Channels: Discord allows users to chat in voice. All channels below this heading will allow you to talk with a mic/headset.

Using Text Chats

♠ To join a text chat simply click on the channel you want to type a message into from the list of channels under the heading "Text Channels."
♠ To send a message, press this button  or press the enter key on your keyboard
♠ If you would like to mention a user in a text chat, type @Username. The line of text you mentioned them in will be highlighted in their chat.
♠ If you would like to link a text channel in the chat simply type #textchannelname. Eg, #general.
♠ To post an emoji in your chat, click the smiley face in your chat box.
♠ If you are receiving too many notifications from the text chats, click the bell icon

Using Voice Channels

♠ To join a voice channel, click on the name of the channel you wish to join and you will notice a new tab above your user settings which looks like this:

- Press the "I" icon to see information about your connection to the voice server, including where the server is hosted, and your ping. Green means a strong connection, orange and red are weaker connections.
- Press the Phone with the "x" icon to disconnect from the voice channels.
♠️ If you are having issues with your microphone, click the gear icon to bring up your user settings, then click on the "Voice" tab on the left of the box that appears. You will be able to change settings there to ensure things are working smoothly.
♠️ Channels you cannot access will have a lock symbol next to it
♠️ If for some reason your mic does not work even if transmitting audio, disconnect, then reconnect to voice.

Using Direct Messaging and Friend features

Direct Messaging

♠ There are several ways to message someone:
- From the user list sidebar, click on the person you wish to contact and type the message in the box

- Right click on the user on the side bar in the voice channel and click "Message"

- Click the Friends and Direct messages icon and search for someone to start a conversation with in the search bar.
- Click the Friends and Direct messages icon, on the left side click friends then click "All". Right click on the friend you wish to message then click "Message" or left click on the friend you wish to message.

Friend Features

♠ Discord allows players to add their friends, find friends and connect with friends who use Discord with other accounts. 
♠ To add a friend, simply right click their name and click "add friend". You can also use a persons tag to add them. Click on the friends and direct messages icon and click Friends.

Then type in their discord tag under the "Add friends" tab.

♠️ If you don't want people to add you as friends, click on the gear icon and find the "friends" tab. Un-check the box that says "Everyone" and chose your preference. 
♠️ To remove friends click the on the friends and direct messages icon, select friends, then click on "All" tab. Hover over the person and to the right you will see the option to call or remove friend.

Private Calls and Group Chats

Much like Skype, Discord also allows users to have private calls and group calls between friends. 

Calling a Friend

♠️ To start a call with a friend click on the friends and direct messages icon and click Friends, then click the "All" tab. Hover over the person you want to call and to the right you will see the option to call or remove friend. 

Making a Group Chat

♠️ There are two simple ways to create a group chat. 

- At the top of the screen you should see this symbol after clicking friends: 

Click it and select up to 9 people to add to your group.


- Click on a conversation you already have with a person you want in the group and press this button   to add more members.

♠️ To call the group or friend, press the phone icon in your direct message chat.
♠️ You can select the location of the server for your voice chat which best suits the location of the people in the group by clicking this clicking this drop down menu on your chat screen: 

Personalize your Account

To make the most of Discord you should personalize your account. There are a few ways to do this.

Link Steam, Battle.net and other accounts

♠️ To do this make sure you are logged into the accounts you want to link. Go to the gear icon and select the "Connections" Tab.
♠️ Your PC should automatically detect your accounts you use. Click the box of the account you wish to link. Then you can select what accounts you want to display on your profile card. 

Add an avatar

♠️ Click on the gear icon and the first page that will pop up will have the option to set an avatar. If it doesn't, find this option under the "Account" tab.

Show people what game/app you are playing/using

♠️ Click on the gear icon and navigate to the "Games" tab
♠️ Check the box that asks to display the game you are running as a status.
♠️ If Discord does not detect your game that you are running click the "Add it!" text to add your game. Select your game from the drop down box. Make sure you have the app or game open.

♠️ You can rename the games you add simply by hovering your mouse over the name of the game and clicking into it.


When you log into the discord you will notice there are "Bots" connected. These bots have specific functions. Such as playing music, filtering the chat, spam protection and players can interact with them in certain ways. These Bots are safe, so there is no need to worry.


Discord features ranks that you can earn by being active, social and involved in all aspects of the server. You will gain xp by participating in chats to earn a level. Getting specific levels earn you a rank. Achieving a rank also unlocks a special voice channel that you can enter.

♠️ To check your levels, simply type !rank in any of the NiN Gaming Discord Voice Server's text channels
♠️ If you wish to check another person's levels, type !rank
♠️ If the chat is too spammy for you, click the bell icon to turn notifications off.


To download Raidcall then please go to http://www.raidcall.com.ru/download.html and download it by clicking the "ORANGE" download tab VERSION 7.3.6 below shown on the page. And to translate Raidcall from Russian to English, you will need to open Raidcall and from the top left corner on Raidcall itself, click on the Raidcall icon on the top left corner and then go down to the 5th or the 6th tab and select English. 

And to be able to connect to the clan NiN Raidcall Voice Server then please Add holly234 after you log on your Raidcall account or search the NiN RaidCall Voice Server ID: 5764287 from the "CONTACTS" tab above on Raidcall itself and apply for the server membership by accepting the application requirements to be invited to the NiN RaidCall Voice Server. This should fix any and all problems that any of you might be having, but if not then please just inform our NiN Gaming Network and Company Tech Support Team #NiNNerds by emailing us at eliteninjasclan@yahoo.com ASAP and we will be there within 24 hours to assist you. Thanks and #NiNFTW o7 "salute"

Quick Details:

RaidCall (Register and Download at www.raidcall.com]
NiN RaidCall Voice Server (ID: 5764287) - Add Holly234 as a contact to be invited into the server.

What is RaidCall?

RaidCall is a free VoIP program similar to Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, and Mumble (whichever you're familiar with). Similarly to Mumble, RaidCall is a free, lightweight alternative to Ventrilo or Teamspeak.

Note: RaidCall is not available for iOS.

Why RaidCall?

While Mumble, in comparison to RaidCall, boasts higher voice quality, RaidCall is capable of housing ~10,000 users while still hosting above good voice quality. This is something that we hope to be taking advantage of in the near future in regard to both NiN Gaming-hosted Tournaments and Community Events.

For the time being, however, we'll be using our RaidCall channel as a community access tool, providing the NiN Gaming community with a free voice service, as well as an additional means for members to meet new people within the NiN Gaming community.

How do I get RaidCall; How do I join the NiN RaidCall Voice Server channel?

Head over to the RaidCall Website and Sign Up for a RaidCall Account. When signing up, your 'Full Name' is what is shown in RaidCall so remember to use your IGN "In-game name" as your username on RaidCall.

Upon completing your Account Creation, you'll be prompted to Download and Install the Client.

Once installed, Launch and Login to the Client, which will bring you to the Groups screen.

From here you want to locate the Search function in the upper left of the window. Without quotations, you want to search for 'NiN RaidCall Voice Server' or '5764287' if the first search fails.

If you are not automatically joined to the server, you'll simply have to click on the server when the Search is finished.

Congratulations! You've joined the NiN RaidCall Voice Server and Channel! Now..

Once you've joined the channel, the first thing you'll want to do is Favorite it. You can achieve this by clicking on the Star button located in the upper right of the window, below the tabs. This will add our channel to your favorites, saving you from possibly having to search for the channel each time you login.

Secondly, in the bottom right of the window, you'll find the Quick Menu for PTT. You can open this and set your PTT key without having to dig through the options.

What are all these rooms?

Users will be able to access the majority of the channels, but some are restricted to Members/Staff or are simply private rooms. Channels that the community will have access to are as follows:

Lounge - This is the Reception Channel where everyone logs in. From here you can make you way to one of the other channels.

AFK - Again, self-explanatory. If you don't plan on being around, please move yourself to this channel. We don't need Game Rooms being clogged up with inactive users.

and more rooms and this is based on the need to create more rooms in the future as NiN Gaming & the Ninjas Elite Online Multiplayer and Multi-gaming Clans Network expand in the future.


For the time being, we'll trust the community enough to not be inappropriate in their conduct towards each other. However, we will not tolerate users that are intentionally trolling, spamming, or harassing other users for whatever reason. Action will be taken, resulting in either silencing or complete IP banning.

A few things to take note of thought...

'Instant Messaging' is another built-in service that RaidCall provides, allowing you to privately message other users.

We expect people to use this when contacting an Admin or Moderator when reporting someone for spam or harassment, but we will not tolerate people spamming NiN Gaming RaidCall Voice Server personnel for game invites and the like.

More to come...

Anything else?

Nope. That's it! We hope you enjoy these services along with what we have in store for the future! Enjoy! and NiN for the Win #NiNFTW #NiNGamers Smile

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How to connect to the NiN Gaming RaidCall Voice Server and/or the NiN Gaming Discord Voice Server

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