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For You We Come Section 6 pages Sixty Eight to Seventy Five
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 For You We Come Section 6 pages Sixty Eight to Seventy Five

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For You We Come Section 6  pages  Sixty Eight to Seventy Five  Empty
Topic Reply Comment # 1PostSubject: For You We Come Section 6 pages Sixty Eight to Seventy Five    For You We Come Section 6  pages  Sixty Eight to Seventy Five  EmptySat Apr 25, 2015 8:06 am

Page Sixty Eight                Chapter 8                          “Lies and Deceit” 

Adam told Vash to sit down and stop working himself up “Vash you are not Poudan understand you’re not him he died 500 years ago, ok your a clone of him but are we not all clones of our parents. We each take on genetic markers from both of our parents that will not mean we will be like them in character only in looks or similarities, who you are is as individual to yourself as markings on a bird no two are the same .
”Vash looked up at Adam “That’s right I don’t have to be someone I am not do I, I am Vash first Meerat of the Achin and nobody can change that just by telling me my ancestors where creatures best forgotten“ as they were talking to each other neither of them had Noticed that Hekefel had beamed in also she stood at the entrance to the bridge and glared at the two friends “Wrong Vash you are Poudan and I am Venestra together we will rule Achin as we were meant to as we were destined to , this Orjeek will not stop me now neither will you even clones can be replaced you know .

”From her tunic she pulled what appeared to be a weapon and pointed it at Adam and fired.
Vash acted at once he threw himself in front of Adam and the beam from the weapon hit him square in the chest, the blast threw him and Adam to the floor Hekefel screamed something in Achin that was probably a profanity and ran from the bridge.

Adam cradled Vash’s head in his arms And looked at the seared wound to his chest, it was deep and he knew fatal, “You saved my life my friend she would have killed me“, Vash smiled and gripped Adams hand “I am not Poudan I am Vash“ and then his hand slipped to the floor he was gone.

Adam sat for a moment not knowing quite what to do he laid Vash’s head on the floor and stood up and walked to the com “Now here this,this is the Captain speaking apprehend the Achin woman known as Hekefel she is wearing a long white gown with a grey tunic, caution she is dangerous and armed try to take her alive if possible she is wanted for the murder of Meerat Vash“.
The whole ship was stunned for a moment security guards ran from their quarters and guarded all the departure points, all hangar doors were closed the ship was sealed no one could get in or out save by beaming but Adam had thought of that“ engineering raise Achim Shields “ now not even the beaming device would help Hekefel to escape he thought to himself .

Hekefel was running down the corridor on the lower deck she had never seen a ship like this before and was totally lost, trying to find a way to escape, had she succeeded on the bridge in killing Adam she and Vash would be back on Achin now.
But that fool clone had ruined everything he had saved the Earthling and now it meant a new clone would have to be constructed, that would take time it meant her plans would be set back months now, and they had been so close.
Her army was poised to attack but without Poudan they would not move. They would not obey the Orders of a mere Priestess it had to be the Raki Leader himself, so now all she could do was get off this ship and start again “curse you Vash it would have been so easy curse you “ she yelled.

“Halt or we fire“ a voice yelled behind her she turned to see two Achin and an Earthling guard
approaching her, she raised her weapon and shouted “No you stop or I will blow a hole in the side of this ship“ her weapon pointing directly at the bulkhead wall .
One of the Achin stepped forwards and in Achin told her “Fire if you wish all that will do is ruin the air purifiers in this section and then we will be forced to return fire, drop your weapon and come with us“.
Hekefel was no soldier she dropped her gun and walked towards the guards she was sneering as she walked “I am Vernesta Raki of Achin you can not harm me I am of Royal blood“

On hearing this the two Achin froze with fear at the mention of the name Raki, the Diana crew member was not so much in awe.
“Was that supposed to impress me miss well it didn't“ with that he stepped forwards grabbed her arms and handcuffed them behind her back.
She let out a blood curdling scream the guard had to cover his ears the two Achin also , “You dare touch me I will have your skin removed slowly and watch your life bleed away“
This still did not impress the guard much and even the Achin were starting to feel less intimidated by Hekefel, “I tell you what sweetheart when they execute you for Killing the Captains friend we will have a chat after all I hear you Achin are into the resurrection thing quite a bit is that so, now move bitch before you get my foot up your Royal backside “ the guard looked at his two Achin colleges and said “Put her majesty in the lift and take her to the brig I will tell the Captain we've got her “.

Page Sixty Nine

The two guards walked Hekefel to the elevator once inside she said “You do realise who I am do you not“ the guards did not answer “I am Venestra of Raki and you will be severely punished for carrying out an act of treason against your Queen“
The smaller of the two who’s name was Chekta said “Well your Majesty your family has not ruled Achin for more than 500 years and there have been many changes abolition of the monarchy for one, and you may have been a Queen on Raki in another life but in this one your just a common murdering criminal.
Most likely you will be incarcerated on the Prison Planet Nerchieze if your very unlucky , if your lucky they will atomise you in the execution chamber Nerchieze is for life and you will suffer there greatly.

“Herkefel hissed at the two“ When my forces get here you will be the first to see the chamber not I“ Chekta turned to face the lift door and was unaware of his colleges intentions, that was not until he felt a blow to his head and lost consciousnesses.
Dirout his companion had already taken the handcuffs off Hekefel “You must go directly to the launch bay your Majesty there is a fan fighter waiting“ Hekefel smiled a sinister smile and said “you will be rewarded for your act of bravery in releasing me, and for helping me to escape“.
The lift stopped and Dirout said “Excuse me for this your Majesty but I must keep up appearances while we are on this ship“ He pushed her out of the lift and shouted for all to hear “Move or I will kick you again“ he herded Hekefel into the launch bay towards the waiting fighter.
Dirout helped Hekefel into the craft and said “To the rebirth of Raki “she smiled at him and said “ to the rebirth “There was another Achin a Pilot waiting in the craft she sat back and said to him
“Your weapon now” the pilot handed her his gun
“she looked out of the craft at Dirout “ what is your name “Dirout your Majesty“
You will be remembered Dirout“ and shot him were he stood, he was dead before he hit the floor. Hekefel turned to the bewildered Pilot “Fly us out of here now unless you too want to be remembered“ the pilot instantly launched the fighter barely giving Hekefel time to shut the canopy.

The craft did not head to Achin but instead to Irnash’s sister moon Kemple, on arrival it landed in a Raki Base that had been secretly built there in the time of the Raki occupation of Irnash.
As Hekefel alighted from the craft shouts of VANESTRA, VANESTRA, VANESTRA, could be heard.
A tall figure emerged from the crowd that had gathered, I am Gilargth your pro Consul welcome to Kemple your Majesty we have been waiting a long time“

There were at least 5 0r 6 thousand Raki Achin and all were bowing to their new Queen and gave a large cheer as she stood to address them,
“My Children you have waited long for this day, you are no doubt aware that I am the 4th reincarnation of your Queen and as such claim my rights to the throne.

Page Seventy

Hekefel or Vanestra as she now wished to be called strode calmly from the landing bay to her quarters, she was talking to herself as she went “Blast Vash he now needs to be reborn as a second and this will not be easy, we did not have time for this dam those interfering Humans“.
Once in her rooms Vanestra opened a secret radio link with Achin,she called the Achin responsible for her creation and that of Vash, “Vanestra calling the Chendra“.
The Chendra were a group of very Powerful Achin that once were advisor’s to the Raki family many centuries ago, since which they had become a unified force on Achin with facets of their organisation in many places.
Industry, Technical Achievements, Finance, almost all stages of Achin Politics in fact a secret army within the power threshold of Achin. Ready to strike at the command of their resurrected King Poudan, however things did not go quite as they planned.

Vash was not the the first clone to be constructed from ancient DNA that was found on Achin , due to the fact Poudan had been vaporised there was very little available. A custom of the Achin had supplied the Chendra with a sample of Poudans, it was during the joining a knife was drawn across the hand of the two to be joined .
The knife used during the ceremony of Vanestra and Poudans Joining had been kept as a momentum of their ritual, this was where both DNA samples had been taken from and used in the cloning.

But it was old and the first three clones of Vanestra did not survive they did not dare use the sample of Poudans blood until the process had been perfected Vanestras clones had been clones of a clone , the Poudand clone had to be pure this was Vash but although he was a perfect clone without any abnormalities. He did not possess the memories of Poudan that is not until he had joined with the 4th Vanestra clone Hekefel .
He was to be schooled on to his role as leader of Achin Vanestra knew that this would be difficult, unlike Poudan who was a cruel vindictive egotistical man, Vash was caring and kind and not at all the type to be a tyrant .
Vanestra had been given the task of doing so but her plans also went a little astray as Vash joined the Elite Space core, and earned himself the title of Meerat with his dedication and attitude.
This took him away from Vanestra’s influence and this was why Dirout had been placed on the Pashitz to keep a watchful eye on Vash , he had also been feeding Vash with memories of a night by telepathically linking with Vash without his knowledge.

Vash had thought the memories he had been having were dreams and nothing more, but now without Vash this would have to be  started all over again but first they needed sample of Vash’s DNA and they only place that would be obtainable is on the Diana where Vash’s body was still being held.
Adam had refused to allow the body of Vash to leave the ship he had said the murder was committed on the Diana therefore was his jurisdiction, the Achin believed that he should allow them to investigate without Human intervention.
But is wasn't going to happen Adam would make sure of that he was sure that once the Achin got hold of Vash that would be the end of it, after all Hekefel had been helped aboard his ship by a supposedly loyal Achin. So he wasn't about to let his friends killer manipulate him like he thought she may try, but Vanestra had more permanent plans for Adam and the Diana once she had the body of Vash.

Page Seventy One

The Doctor had used everything he could think of to keep the General in his bed, the thing that worked the best was to threaten him with an enema, this had the desired effect and the General stayed put.
Adam had been checking in with the Doctor on regular intervals to make sure the General was behaving himself, he would often go down to the sick bay and have a game of Chess or Cards with the General to help him pass the time.

Today though was a more somber meeting one he had to tell him that Vash had been killed, and that his killer Vanestra, had escaped custody of the Diana right under Adams nose and he wasn't  looking forwards to that.
The Doctor was mulling over the days reports and in a semi aware state of things around him ,suddenly he hears the General below “ What good God man if that woman is what you say then we are in serious jeopardy, as far as she will be concerned we will be merely cannon fodder for her troops to play with.
I want you to order all non combatant ships to make course for the M class Planet Vash showed us on the charts, and tell no one their destination. As far as we know Vash only told you and I, so Vanestra should have no clue where they are headed. It may also make her think that the whole fleet will be leaving soon, we must get in touch with the Achin leaders to plan our next move to see if they want us to help or leave“.

Adam looked at the General and said “Sir I gave my word to Vash that we would stand by the Achin people and help any way we could sir“
David Asterholm was sitting up on the edge of his sick bed during this conversation suddenly he stood up and prodded Adam in the chest with his finger “Listen Mr I know that Vash was your Friend but we have much more to consider here than the friendship we may or may not be able to afford with the Achin“.
Adam had never been spoken to in this manner certainly no one had encroached on him as the General just did. “Sir with respect if not for the Achin we would not be here now and“,in mid sentence David interrupted him “True if not for the Achin we would still have a home world called Earth we owe them less than you might imagine Captain, and as the story unfolds far less than we have been led to believe.
Now go follow your Orders as you have been told and remember I may be in a sick bed but I am still the commander of this fleet come what may, do you understand me Mr .”Adam saluted and replied“ Sir Yes Sir understood Sir“ with a high note of sarcasm in each syllable.

Adam did as he was told he went straight to the Bridge of the Diana “Now here this now here this“ he bellowed over the Com, “By Order of General David Asterholm all none combatant ships will set course on the following coordinates at once, heavy hostile action is expected soon stand at the ready.
All Military fighting Vessels will arm and prepare for close quarter fighter attacks, engineering on all ships will bring all Achin shield Generators online“.

Just as Adam finished giving the Generals Orders when the door to the Bridge opened Mr West stood up to attention and saluted “General on the Bridge“ all the bridge stood to attention and saluted. “ Carry on Gentlemen Captain has the command been given “Adam replied “Yes Sir all orders relayed Fleet at Battle readiness“.

Page Seventy Two

In the council chambers of Achin Vanestra and Poudan’s conspirators were weaving their plan to reinstate the tyrannical Rule of the Raki, without the clone of Poudan rallying followers was going to be difficult but they thought not impossible.
The Raki had held a fascination for the youth of Achin via the fables and stories of great battles and conquest told to them over the years, they little knowing of the true horrors of war as they had been at peace for 500 years and war to them was an ancient concept.
It still held romance to the youth the chance to be Achin warriors like their Ancestors, none of them had any idea what the Chendra had in mind for them, to be used as nothing more than a way to power an expendable commodity to be exploited.

For generations the Chendra had corrupted the young minds of Achin making it easier when the time came to seize power from the Council Elders, and over those generations they had sown discontent and malice towards other races that they saw as beneath them and to be subjugated and enslaved.
“Councillor Jordazan you speak to us as if the Raki’s return is imminent but I see no evidence of this, I only see posturing and false propaganda that the Teskelen are returning.
Poudans followers are few and sparse and there is no living heir to the Teskelen throne, their bloodline died out centuries ago, then Achin was a cruel evil place we will not allow those dark days to return“ said Myzack leader of the Achin Council.
Jordazan walked around the council chambers holding in front of him his emblem of office a gold chain with the badge of his district carved in gold “But what if there was an heir what if their Bloodline had not perished how would the Council treat the heir to the Achin throne“ said Jordazan.

At this suggestion a roar of laughter was heard around the chamber, Preposterous, Ridiculous,500 year old heir impossible, it was then Jordazan revealed the existence of Venestra.
Myzack stood up from his chair at the head of the council chamber “You lie Jordazan there is no heir there can not be an heir, if there is and it is a true heir then they would most likely have to stand trial for the crimes that the family Raki perpetuated on the people of Achin.
“Jordazan smiled a sickly grin this was not a pleasant creature he reveled in the thought of bringing down the Council.
He approached the centre of the chamber and held a document high, “Do you see this scroll I bare it is the scroll of Anafvash the first laws of the free Achin, in it is the command that was written after the Teskelen was abolished by him, it reads and I am sure that you will all obey this document as you are sworn to.
From this day let no Achin be bought to trial for the deeds of his father, let No Achin be punished for the actions of his Brother, and let no Achin face judgement of things he had no knowledge,
these laws were passed by our ancestors and these can not be ignored.
If a legitimate bloodline of the Raki is proven , then they are not responsible for the actions of their ancestors and can not be tried“.

Muttering of agreement echoed around the chamber “Myzack sat down on the Chair of office and spoke gently “ Are you seriously telling this council that you have found a true heir to the Teskelen throne Jordazan“ he smirked again, “Oh so Much more than that Councillors let me introduce you to Venestra Queen of Achin and first mate to Poudan of the Raki“.
Two large doors opened and into the council chamber walked Vanestra, she was followed by a regiment of Raki troops, who positioned themselves around the chamber weapons poised to fire.

Page Seventy Three

Myzack Stood slowly and walked down from his chair of office and stood before Vanestra,
“Of course I see it now Hekefel all these years with Meerat Vash, getting yourself appointed to be Priestess of Mali it was all a sham. You knew that as a Priestess of Mali you would not be required to draw the blade of joining, and your bloodline would not be discovered, but before the people will accept you then you must submit to Aljary Tond even you must realise this“
Vanestra watched the old Achin in his Council robes walk around her and she was not as confident as she had been”.
The trial of Aljary Tond was a melding of Achin minds to judge the fitness of a ruler, even Poudan himself had to undergo the ritual before he was King and Vanestra knew there would be no way she could deny the council this. If she was to try and avoid the ritual, the Achin people even her Raki followers would doubt her lineage and right to rule.
They could fight a bloody war but even after the people would still demand Aljary Tond in our language it simply meant to join with Aljary, this was the supreme deity in the Achin religion Aljary the creator of the stars brother of Mali creator of Life.
The ritual lasted four days in it Vanestar would be in a drug induced trance her mind would link with the Vessels of Aljary in the temple, these were monk like servants of Aljary . These monks had never known anything but the temple had never lived among the Achin, they were considered pure and untouched or holy.
Their minds developed beyond all other Achin they possessed the ability to be as one with each other for long periods sometimes weeks or months, not eating or drinking sustaining there bodies through mental power alone.
Their other great gift was the power of telekinesis during the ritual they would be holding Vanestra aloft while they read her very thought her every desire and hope,
but they were not to divulge any information beyond themselves so Vanestra knew her plans would be safe and secret still.
What she was concerned about was that it was Vash who had been prepared for this ritual by Dirout as he linked with him each night, he had trained the mind of Vash to resist the power of the Aljary Monks she had not.
As the Monks extracted the knowledge to see if she would be queen they would at that point be in control of her very soul, this is what Vash had been trained to control but without his knowledge so that to the Vessels he would have been pure and fit to rule.
This ritual also had it’s risk’s if Vanestra tried to hide anything it would exert great physical stress on her body, the joining of so many minds was so powerful if she did resist it could conceivably kill her.

But she also knew she had little choice but to agree, “I will take your test Myzack and then you shall see that your Queen has indeed returned“ Myzack was now looking Vanestra in the eye
“Vanestra or Hekefel know this for 500 years this council has protected Achin from the threat of the return to Teskelen rule, and you have never been or shall never be My Queen while I live. But I am bound by Achin religious and ritual law and as such you do have the right to challenge for the throne so when you fail the Chendra oh yes I know of the Chendra will know that they have failed yet again and it will be there end finally“ he returned to his seat “Now remove your troops they do not intimidate this council and wait to be summoned”

Page Seventy Four

Vanestra stormed out of the Council chamber but stopped as she reached the doors, “No this Myzack I shall be Queen of Achin and should it need to be over your dead body and the rest of your pathetic council then so be it“ she turned and disappeared as the troops she had bought in to the room with her filed out.
Myzack turned to the rest of the council “Should we let that creature gain control of Achin then I am sure the dark times will return, she is ambitious and power hungry and I have no doubt lead us into wars with our neighbouring Planets. We must at all cost stop this from happening all loyal Achin troops will be gathered to the city, any not will be arrested and confined till this is over one way or the other.
Meerats and their ship crews will be out at battle readiness, I have had a communique from the Human General Asterholm who has pledged his support should we need it.
The Human colony ships have left orbit but their battle cruisers remain at out disposal should we need to mount a space defence initiative, the Pashitz is standing ready also with her new Commander and here the council may disagree with me but I have my reasons. The command of the Pashitz will be given to a human of the generals choosing, the reason being they are a warrior race used to war over these past five centuries their tactics and battle plans will be alien to Venestra and her generals.
Basically my friends they will not know what to expect but neither will the humans that is why I am appointing a first officer to keep the general informed, and that will be Meerat  Brack of the 1st fleet it will be a demotion in his eyes but he will get over that and he and the new commander should make a formidable team“.

At this point Councillor Jordazan inquired“ And just who will it be that the General is putting in command of the Pashitz“
Myzack turned to Jordazan and said “Oh do not fear Councillor the man he has in mind has the full loyalty of the Achin crew even if he does not know it yet“
Jordazan laughed “Oh what your  saying is in truth you don’t know“
Myzack glared at the rogue Councillor “On the contrary I do know but if you think that I am going to divulge battle strategy with a traitor Jordazan then you are very much mistaken“

Jordazan realising that the council now considered him a Raki  sympathiser walked from the council rooms and as he left placed his robe of office over a nearby stand , “In that case it seems I shall no longer be needing this“ and he left.
On board the Diana Adam was looking over the battle consul making sure that the ship was in full readiness for any eventuality, he never heard the general walk up behind him “I hope that your ship will be ready in time for any trouble that may occur “ Adam turned and smiled as he saw that the general .
He heard what the general had said and replied  “Yes Sir as you can see this is about as ready as she can be“  the general looked out of the viewing port across at the Pashitz  “Strange she doesn't seem to be ready in fact she has not even any ships patrolling“
Adam looked at him quizzically “Sorry sir but I have two flights out there and another at the ready“  smiling the general said  “oh yes the Diana is ready but the Diana is no longer your ship at the moment it’s his“ pointing to Christopher Harry.

Page Seventy Five

Adam waited for a moment ready to order action stations again but Brack  interrupted him “Sir may I speak“ Adam turned to Brack  “Yes Mr Brack you may speak“  looking a little uneasy Brack said  “Captain we Achin are not comfortable with a Human commander as it is, should it really be needed to change the way we act at our post’s also“.

Adam looked around the bridge all the crew were looking at him awaiting his answer to Bracks question  “Mr Brack as I am now the Captain by Order of the Council of Achin I have no real need to answer that“  Brack stood looking down and replied  “No Sir I apologise Sir“ Adam then placed his hand on Bracks shoulder in a friendly gesture  “But I will just the same. The way you react on the bridge is as critical as the way you would act in a Fan fighter an instant can mean the difference between life and death, your Raki opponents have been trained in the same way as you, this gives us an enormous advantage, their reactions will be slow their battle plan flawed, their weakness is in predictability in essence Mr Brack they have never experienced War we humans are old hands at War . This is going to be a lesson the Raki will remember for a long time hopefully, and maybe make them think twice before threatening your people again “.

Brack started to see the reasoning in the Council appointing the Human Captain and nodded agreement,  “Good now that’s clear lets try again, action stations”,  this time the crew responded  as they were ready “affirmed” came the cry from each station at the end of which Brack announced “All stations ready sir“
Adam smiled “Good good that was excellent less than 60 seconds but I want it done in 40 seconds is that clear Mr Brack“.

Brack stood to attention and said “Yes Sir 40 seconds sir“ then he looked around the bridge and each crew member was wanting to ask the same question, “Please sir what is a second sir“
Adam laughed and placed his watch on the view cam and displayed it on the main screen.

“This is an Earth Timepiece called a Watch it is representing one Earth hour, each hour has 60 minutes, and in each minute is 60 seconds, making one minute, you can see the minute hand moves faster than the rest making this one second in each movement. This is the time frame we will be using from now on to be in conjunction with the other Earth vessels, This one is now Yours Mr Brack look after it it has been on many campaigns with me“.
Adam placed the watch on Bracks arm, Brack stared at the watch for what seemed an eternity then said  “Thank you Captain I shall treasure this and use it well for you”   Brack looked at his fellow Achin and held the watch up now we do what the Captain asks, we need to complete in 40 seconds so Action stations“.

Brack watched the seconds tick by on his new watch and when all stations had reported he relayed to the Captain “Sir 35 seconds sir“ Adam replied “Very good Mr Brack congratulate our crew well done“
Brack was now visibly smiling Adam thought to himself “hurdle one over“ meaning overcoming Bracks disappointment at not being made Captain and commanding respect on the bridge.

Just then The radio Officer Mr Antec announced, “Message from King Charles to all ships prepare for incoming enemy hostiles“.
Adam shouted “Mr Brack are all weapons primed and manned“ Brack looked at his consul “Yes sir all correct and shields at optimum strength sir“

From 6 to 7000 kilometers out the sensors had detected the approach of a large Raki force, “How many ships do you have on screen Mr Brack“ asked Adam “32 Pashitz class, one Avec Class, and approx 300 fighters,Sir“ Adam looked at the screen on his chair consul “Well here we go boys I guess this shindig is about to kick off“.
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For You We Come Section 6 pages Sixty Eight to Seventy Five

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